Sunday, 21 June 2015

Rhododendrons are Ready

We were waiting till a lovely sunny day would pop up to visit the azalea and rhododendron walk in Dawyck Botanical Gardens, but having looked at the weather forecast for the week it didn't seem likely one such day would appear so we simply went this morning hoping for the best! And it proved to be the right decision. The walk is just amazing, so full of colour that I tend to be quite overcome with it all and can't stop pointing the camera in all directions. In the end the picture above was the best overview of the walk, with Dawyck House in the background. I'll leave you to enjoy this glorious colour feast with the pictures below.

All the rhododendrons have names but I have to admit that the only one that still lingers in my memory is the above Silver Slippers as they suit their name so beautifully.

We were so lucky with the weather. It stayed dry for our walk and the sun even peeped out occasionally but as soon as we sat down in the coffee shop for our cup of tea the heavens opened and lashings of rain came down. It has been much like that for the rest of today!



Lenna Young Andrews said...

These flowers are so beautiful. Back when I lived in Canton, CT (you might recall me speaking about this) we had Rhododendrons lining the long driveway to our house. They were all the same color pink, but oh so beautiful. I even used some to Nature Print a T-shirt! They are quite prevalent in Connecticut, we used to walk through two (or more) very tall bushes, it was so magical. And that is what this display at Dawyck looks like to me - magical!!! thank you for sharing...

Gillian Robertson said...

Beautiful rhodoendrons - lovely walk :)


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