Monday, 15 June 2015

The Road Less Travelled

Saturday saw the announcement of the new art challenge of The Documented Life 2015: Recording Memories, and the new journalling prompt: "Take the road less travelled" while we are staying with our June theme of Travel Journalling. I used nostalgic colours on my spread (in the Dylusions journal) to stay with the memories challenge, and I have to say that I enjoyed staying away from my bright colours for once and going a bit more subdued. I made the less travelled road first by glueing on pieces of vintage maps and texts running horizontally across the page and then stencilling it with white paint using a Joggles stencil.
 The house images were stencilled too, using a Stencilgirl stencil and I also used stencil S161 map stencil (also from Stencilgirl) to add bits of map in red to the mix. Rubberstamping with a text stamp (from Stampotique designed by France Papillon) was added and the word Journey comes from a stamp by Limited Edition. Once I had the road laid out it required a traveller and by some of that wonderful synchronicity I'm so very fond of, I discovered among my stash of vintage papers that I had randomly grabbed to make the road with, a small page about hiking with map and compass, probably dating to the fifties. This also had the image of the person I added to the page.
Things like that almost make me believe in magic. I wrote along the road with part of the text of Robert Frost's poem that our journalling prompt was based on. It says: "Two roads converged in a wood. And I .... I took the one less travelled by. And that made all the difference. 
The final addition after outlining with black and white markers, were the three postage stamps all showing travel related images.

I have no idea why I originally resisted doing the challenges for The Documented Life 2015 in the Dylusions journal as I'm now loving it.

Although I have been posting here every day last week I have mainly been using Blogsy and my iPad to do so. The days were simply too sunny and lovely to spend time behind a computer screen. I have yet to find a balance between spending too much and too little time online. Those sunny days have been incredibly productive from a creative point of view, and I have been making many journal pages during that period, completely losing myself in the process. In fact I don't think I have ever done as much art as came out of my hands last week. You will get to see it all eventually but I like to do proper write-ups about them so they will have to wait to be uploaded till the weather outside isn't suited to other photography.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

" I have yet to find a balance between spending too much and too little time online."
I'll add, that is such a hard balance to find and I think you are doing very well. Listen to your heart, just as you have. Soak in the sunshine and let it pour out through your hands. I marvel at the amount of art you make, Frieda. I always describe you as the most prolific artist I know! And that I adore what you make. Grateful for our friendship over all this time as well as the opportunity to be delighted and inspired by your art and photographs, daily. xo

Pamela Gerard said...

I like your pages...

Linda Kunsman said...

Beautiful pages! I am having a time of it too trying to squeeze in as much outdoor time I can , along with indoor art time and computer time :)It's one big reason I'm hardly ever on FB.I don't have a phone to check it only my desktop.


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