Wednesday, 22 July 2015


We have been trying to grow Kniphofia or Red Hot Pokers ever since we started our garden here but so far without success. The plants we bought flowered during the rest of the summer but in the next year there was no sign of them. So we're giving it one more go, this time growing them from seed. So far, so good. Several came up and we planted them in the garden. Sadly this is the only one that has produced a poker, possibly due to the cold and wet we're having for a summer this year.  These plants looks at their best when there are many of them together but somehow I don't think we'll get that effect.

Still this one poker is very lovely and I'm making the most of it because I strongly suspect we won't see this one again next summer either.

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Linda Kunsman said...

wow-that is one amazing flower!!! I LOVE the graduation of the colors! Hmmm... wonder if I could grow one where I live?


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