Saturday, 11 July 2015

Pictures from the Garden

 A day of sunshine and clouds and during a sunshine moment I went outside to record how the garden is getting on. This rose looks beautiful against the white of the wall, and the green of the ivy. Sadly I have no name for her. She came from a garden plant sale without a label. She has a beautiful tea scent and although not a prolific flowerer the flowers that appear are large and gorgeous with a hint of orange against the pink.

Rosa Rubrifolia

And finally the plumes of the astilbe are now towering over the courtyard, almost lighting it up like lanterns.

It appears that the Blipfoto site is itself suffering from a blip and at the moment it is impossible to upload pictures there. Hopefully it's some server problem and it will be sorted out shortly.

1 comment:

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I love the 2nd photo down of the wild (?) rose. Beautiful center.


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