Wednesday, 15 July 2015


Our journalling prompt for The Documented Life 2015 this week was Time is ticking, and indeed it was, even though we didn't know it. I made this spread on Saturday afternoon when all was calm and normal. I now look back at it in wonder. It looks so happy and cheerful and so totally not how I'm feeling now. I have many journal pages dedicated to time and the speed of it's passing and I'm not superstitious enough to believe these pages were in any way a prediction of what was to come. They merely emphasize that we should make the most of every single second.

The theme for July remains: Ephemera, and the art challenge: focal point versus layering.

The background was made with lots of layers using acrylic paint and a variety of stencils, including some by Stencilgirl (the small circles one from Jan. 2015 Stencilgirl Club and the large clock one from April 2014 Club) Most of the stencils feature clock faces and numbers. Ephemera formed another layer,there are vintage images and texts, a paper napkin with vintage postcard imagery,  as well as bits of a scrapbook paper featuring a clock. Yet another layer consists of rubber stamping, all with stamps from PaperArtsy's Clocks 3 pack. There is a stopwatch, another one with multiple clock faces ( see it top left) and two text stamps, one reading: Time and Tide wait for no one, and the other: To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else.

Once I was happy with all those layers I added the focal point in the shape of the running lady, and also added the chair (no idea why but it seemed fitting at the time!), the clock face and the words: Make it timeless.

The final step was to outline with black and white markers. And then I felt it needed a ship and water in the shape of the postage stamp to connect to the Time and Tide words. The discovery that some of the vintage text is about oceans was an unexpected bonus.

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