Sunday, 16 August 2015

It's still summer!

But only just. The day started quite autumnal during the dog walk with a hazy sun through clouds. Thousands of spider webs could be seen hiding in among the grasses. Then the sun broke through and the morning was warm and filled with sunshine. By lunchtime dark clouds floated overhead and some drops of rain were felt and now it seems to be brightening up again.  I managed to take the pictures when the sun was out. Above the late flowering Mme Legras the St. Germain. Who she was is lost in time but the rose is an Alba one and has the best scent out of all our roses, so she is worth waiting for.
 Along the fence lives the Queen. Queen Elizabeth to be precise. A luscious pink beauty.
And the yellow of Lysimachia Punctata (otherwise knows as Loosestrife) is enough to brighten up any garden even when it's cloudy. 

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

what beautiful flowers in your garden, frieda!


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