Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Let Your Talent Shine

The Documented Life Project 2015 is continuing with it's August theme of: Faces, the Human Form and Characters. The art challenge this week is Layered, and the journalling prompt: Speak to your younger self. What advice would you offer. Not an easy one. There would be so many things I would have liked to be able to tell her, most of which I'm keeping to myself. And in a way I'm also quite pleased because I have managed to learn quite a lot of those lessons in the intervening years. This one of Let Your Talent Shine remains difficult. Maybe putting it down on paper in my Dylusions journal will help.

Layering on the other hand is oh so easy for me and I need no encouragement to go to town. I started with gesso, added paints with a stencil (S309 Juxtapose from Stencilgirl). I also used their Wall of Words stencil with white and turquoise acrylic spray paint. I added texture with a rubber stamp designed by France Papillon for Stampotique. I collaged with papers and paper napkins, dribbled ink down the pages, and I added postage stamps, so layers galore.
 I also used washi tape and added the image of the woman as I remembered just in time that we were meant to use faces and the human form. She comes from a painting by Whistler.
And I also popped my younger self on the page tucked away beneath the T. I was probably around 16 at that age and I can still remember the occasion. It was a  school visit to Amsterdam to see some obscure Greek drama from which only the costumes have survived in my memory. Most of the day though was spend in sunny parks sipping not so innocent drinks. At least I did indeed in storing my memories, even though most of the time it was quite unintentionally.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

The paper napkins & washi tape are perfect for this frieda. I am so glad you mentioned the picture of you in school! ;o)

Team Clark said...

Amazing pages! Love your layering and lettering!


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