Sunday, 23 August 2015

One long, sunny day


It might have been very windy but also warm. A blue sky was present all day long. And oh, the difference it made. I literally soaked it all up after what was a dismal summer and before the cold winter arrives. Filling up my batteries to bursting.

The rare sunny days we have had were extensively photographed and looking back over the past months make it appear the summer was better than it was in reality.

But these pictures will remind me of this very special, radiant day.



This time won't come again but it has not been wasted!




Lenna Young Andrews said...

beautiful, Frieda! I so enjoy seeing your photos of a glorious summer day :)

Freespiral said...

Yes, filling the batteries is so right! A wonderful array of colour.

Jewels said...

Very pretty Frieda - yes these are the days to remember mid February! I missed the change in your banner - love your journal spread that you used. CHeers. Jewels


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