Friday, 11 September 2015

A Word of Warning

A word of Warning. Someone is using my name and sending out emails with a dubious link. My e mail account has NOT been hacked, they have simply made up an email address using my name. It is: and other varieties. So check carefully should you receive an email with my name that it comes from my real email address!
So far I have only heard from three people who have received such a spam e-mail, but thought I would issue a Be Aware warning to you all.
Sadly there is nothing I can do about this as they simply set up an account using my name. If it proves to be wide spread I will however inform the police.

1 comment:

Linda Kunsman said...

I have come across this quite often frieda but have not gotten one using your name. They usually go into my spam box and before deleting I just look at (not click on) the email address first. Thanks for the heads up!


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