Monday, 14 September 2015

Back in Edinburgh

After not having been anywhere for a few weeks I'm now at the other extreme of having daily outings and I have finally managed to catch up with all the things I wanted to see on my list. The weather was not with me today though. I was driving to the bus stop (yes, that's how far we are from public transport) when it started to rain and I wasn't at all dressed for the wet. Thank goodness for small brollies that fit in a handbag. By the time the bus reached Edinburgh you couldn't call it rain any longer. It was more like a huge deluge.
But the minute I entered the gallery where the above exhibition is being held, I was engulfed in bright colours and beautiful art. The work was all inspired by Sheila's photographs taken during visits to the North of Scotland and the Islands as well as Iceland and Alaska hence the title North.

As you can tell it's on till this coming Saturday and I highly recommend a visit.

I had completely forgotten to take either camera to Edinburgh,  but in the end it didn't matter as it was way too wet to take pictures so instead I photographed a chrysanthemum from a bouquet at home. Once I started posting the picture here I realized just how perfectly it tones in with Sheila's poster. Love such synchronicity.

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

Such synchronicity! I love it. The exhibit looks wonderful too.


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