Wednesday, 16 September 2015

One Morning in Autumn

It proved to be a glorious autumn morning with fog lingering when I started on the dog walk. Spider webs were everywhere and I felt quite guilty disturbing the ones that had managed to cross the path in their weavings.

There were spider webs in the grasses, in the fences and along the poles, as well as in the flowers such as the knapweeds below.
By the time I returned to the bridge at the end of our walk the sun had come out and all spider webs had miraculously vanished from view although of course they are still there!


Anonymous said...

The spider's webs are both eerie and beautiful! And the surrounding plant life is lovely as well. :)

Lenna Young Andrews said...

so reminds me of walking there with you last year, amazing!

Linda Kunsman said...

great photos of those webs Frieda!! I love looking at spiders webs but have not been successful capturing them in a photo.


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