Sunday, 27 September 2015

Scottish Quilt Championships 2015


I spend a very pleasant afternoon at the Scottish Quilt Championships. The last show of the year and the fact that this show is local, held at Ingliston near Edinburgh Airport, always makes this event special.

The venue is not great for photography and I will be returning here with separate posts about each quilt, but I wanted to capture them with their rozettes today. The one above is called La Linea d'oro (The Golden Line) and consists of all the 12 Journal Quilts I made last year for the Contemporary Quilt Group. It won the 2nd prize in the Small Wallhangings section and well as the prize for Embellisment.

How the Light Gets in was exhibited in the Large Wallhangings section and received a Judges Merit and a red rozette. It was also hanging in a great position. Both came home with me at the end of the show as did the 3 rozettes. Now autumn and winter can begin when more quilts will be made for next year's exhibitions and these two will be in line for some more outings too.



Jewels said...

Bravo Frieda - these are both gorgeous is the La Linea for sale by any chance? Let me know...

Linda Kunsman said...

SO well deserved Frieda-absolutely gorgeous designs and work!


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