Saturday, 17 October 2015

Penicuik Estate Walk

It was a rush, rush sort of morning and a bit of calm was called for in the afternoon. Sadly the sun had more or less disappeared at that stage but it was still lovely weather for a prolonged dog walk so we went off to the Penicuik Estate. Everything there was wrapped in beautiful autumn colour, including what was once the stables with the beautiful clock tower.
When we walked around the side of the house we discovered that the house was open and after careful checking with a ranger that the dog was also allowed inside we ventured forth. Only the facade of Penicuik House has been fully restored but it looks like plenty of work is being done inside the house as well, with the help of a Lottery grant as you can see.
I'm not a structural engineer but to my untrained eye it looks like quite a bit of the inside of the place is still there, including fire places and doorways.
 And the remains of several spiral staircases could be seen, with one bit hanging precariously in mid air.
Needless to say Rueben had no interest in all that. Instead he brightened up considerably when we made our way into the estate itself and the surrounding woods where he could mooch around off his lead to his heart's content.
 Much has also happened in the walled garden compared to previous visits.
The woods were lovely, peaceful and mostly deserted. The autumn colours included the rosebay willowherb that has now set seed in beautiful fashion.
There were also many different fungi mainly on fallen trees. These looked like they were appliquéd on!

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Linda Kunsman said...

what fantastic photos!! I LOVE seeing all the angles of that beautiful relic of a building, and how lucky you were able to venture inside!


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