Monday, 26 October 2015

Seeing the Light

I must plead guilty to not sticking very closely to the brief making this spread for The Documented Life Project 2015 . We are staying with our October theme of Translucent Papers. The art challenge this week is: glassine, and the journalling prompt: Windows in my Mind.  Partly this was because I had only one tiny envelope made of glassine to play with, and even though I used it (on top of the windows) it virtually disappeared from view once I had glued it on. It also  covers the word light but again this is almost impossible to see.

I used some Golden acrylics which had been put into the wrong drawer during the summer and I discovered them when moving all my art supplies indoors. It seemed only right to add them to this spread in my Dylusions journal as they hadn't been used all summer. I love the magenta especially. I used the stencils from this month's Stencilgirl Club in the background.  The main windows come from their Church Window stencil.
 In the background there are many vintage images some of which you can just about still see such as the vintage angel images. I added rubber stamping including the eye stamp (The All Seeing Eye - Ornamentum from The Uptown Design Company which doesn't seem to exist any more).
 Then I added the other collage elements (the woman and the mask). 
As soon as I read that the journalling prompt was: Windows in my Mind, I thought of the following quotation that inspired the entire spread:

The eyes are the mirror of the soul
and reflect everything that seems
to be hidden, and like a mirror
they also reflect the person
looking into them. 
(Paulo Coelho)

Of course I couldn'leave the page alone before I had added some postage stamps in matching colours.


peggy gatto said...

I so enjoy seeing your pages. Always an inspiration with your colors and your ideas of layering.

Linda Kunsman said...

a super job of combining vintage and new in all that layering !

Shelley Whiting said...

Your work is very well balanced and presented. Love the texture in the background and main shapes. Fun and exciting work.


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