Saturday, 28 November 2015

A Memory

I was hard to decide what to photograph today. The weather is awful, there is a dusting of snow and the light is very low. Not a good day for photography purposes which is a shame as today is my 5th Blip anniversary. Yes, I have been blipping for 5 whole years, since November 2010, without missing a single day. It seems amazing.

It all started with seeing a small notice in the Scotland on Sunday newspaper about Blipfoto. I decided to give it a go as I was taking lots of photographs anyway. The more or less only rule for the site is that the photo you upload on a certain day has to be taken on that day. Back then I was still on a dial-up connection so I have no idea what I was thinking of, adding uploading a picture as well as the blog I was already writing. But I progressed to broadband (May 2012) with a speed (if that is the right word!) of less than 1Mb to a satellite connection of 22Mb. That has made life and blipping so much easier.

Taking the daily picture has never given me much trouble. I use my garden, flowers,  our beautiful surroundings in the Scottish Borders, the dog walks and of course my own art. Plenty of inspiration in all of that. I have in the past months toned down my commenting on the site and given myself permission to do a lot of it if I'm in the mood and to leave it be, if I'm not. That seems to work.

This collage (made as part of my daily collage activity) seemed to fit the bill for today. The quotation reads:

Wherever I travel I always bring something back with me. It can be the smallest thing, but it's a MEMORY".

For me those memories are always visual ones, in the shape of photographs. As long as the Blipfoto site keeps on going, so will I!

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