Thursday, 26 November 2015

Endings and Beginnings

Today was the special Christmas shopping day in Dawyck which meant reductions for members and a glass of mulled wine to boot!  I did a bit of shopping both before and after my walk and felt content that I could cross off gifts from my list as well as indulge in some goodies just for us. It was a good day for seeing wildlife too: 3 deer (during the dog walk), 2 squirrels, a buzzard and multiple pheasants (in and around Dawyck). Despite all that this time of year is one when melancholy descends.
 The glory of autumn has gone and the whiteness of winter hasn't yet arrived. Dawyck itself will close for the winter from the end of November till the 1st February 2016.
 Everything is looking a bit sad and bedraggled.
That is usually reflected in my mood but fortunately there is always the beauty of life, love, nature and art to uplift the soul.
 Pleasingly it was also possible to walk without a coat although with heavy walking boots.
There are reminders that the end of growth might be here but so too are new beginnings such as the promise of beautiful blooms to come from the buds of  rhododendrons.

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