Thursday, 10 December 2015

Listen to Your Inner Voice

I'm fairly determined to catch up with all my art here on this blog before we reach the end of 2015 and as far as my Dylusions art journal is concerned I'm almost there. Just a few last spreads to show you, most of them done during the summer. This particular one was finished on the 25th August. And it is a rather appropriate one for 2015, a year when I have been listening more than usually to my inner voice. Sometimes I may not have like what I heard but even so I listened and took notice.
The background of this spread was done with acrylic paints and stencils (quite a lot of them!) as well as collage with vintage text and images and rubber stamping with a text stamp. I added some fabric and to one of those fabric pieces I glued postage stamps, matching the spread both in colour and also resonating with the circle shape I had used with some of the stencils.
The focal image comes from a fashion magazine and she was distressed a bit to fit the pages. The main text comes from a stencil too.
As you can hopefully see on this detail there are many layers on these pages. I have discovered over this year that I just love my layering, adding more and more details, some of which disappear again with the next layer I add but nevertheless it adds to the overall look of the pages.

Making such spreads in my art journal is very joyful and I fully intend to continue in what will very shortly be a new Dylusions journal as this one is getting very full. The end result of each spread is mostly as surprising to me as to you. I hardly ever set out with a fixed idea in mind. I simply let the pages develop as they seem to want to go. I endeavour to do the same with my quilts but it's a bit harder to do on fabric than on those pages. I also think I'm emotionally too much attached to my textile art while I am much more relaxed about my art journal. After all if I don't like those spreads I can simply cover them with another layer of paint and start again. It's not quite that simple with quilts!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

Love viewing your art journal pages and reading your thoughts behind their creation. Glad you are catching up!

Linda Kunsman said...

Frieda I think this is one of my very favorite spreads of yours. The colors and layers are absolutely breathtaking!


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