Saturday, 12 December 2015

Permission to Play Journal

I have finished my art journal made from cardboard following Carolyn Dube's online,and entirely free class Permission to Play. You may remember that I showed you some of the pages in an early stage here and I have since progressed with the class, adding a lot of stencilling, rubber stamping and the like. Then the journal was put together following Carolyn's instructions. I love how solid it feels and of course, being cardboard, the journal can stand up by itself perfectly.
 I'm showing you all the pages here, in the order they occur in the journal. All the stencils I've used are from Stencilgirl Products. This was also a good excuses to rummage in my large rubber stamp collection and bring out some of the ones I haven't used in a while.
Some of the stencils I used were also designed by Carolyn such as the text ones and the above right Venetian image.
I'm not saying these pages are finished. I might well add more in the future (such as a postage stamp or two!) but they are bound together and I'm going to leave them be for the time being.
 Above is what is possibly my favourite spread as the pages work so well together.


Linda Kunsman said...

this is such a wonderful book Frieda!! Thanks so much for repeating the link. I have signed up but not sure when I'll get to it as I have many cards to finish for the holidays. I do love Carolyn's style and color choices-it will be SO much fun to play along (especially since I gave myself a Christmas gift and ordered a bunch of new stencils:):)

PurpleSuzi said...

Your journal turned out beautifully Frieda!
Thanks for sharing all the pages in order.
I really like the colour palette that you used, it helps your book feel cohesive ❤️
I too have the Venetian stencil and think it is stunning, much like your Journal...
Best wishes,
Sue Carey xx


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