Thursday, 3 December 2015

Permission to Play

I have finally finished the large quilt that I started back in the spring. I have procrastinated about it, cursed it, almost abandoned it,and fought with it,  but through gritted teeth it has been done at last and I'm even reasonably happy with it. I'll be featuring it here once it goes off to it's first outing but no quilt has ever given me so much grief. Partly it was the circumstances this year such as losing our sweet greyhound girl as well as other losses and partly it was me, myself, who got in the way. Lots of other things have been achieved all in an effort to avoid working on that quilt. Once again I have sworn to make smaller art but sometimes it just needs to be big even if I don't want it to be.
A reward was in order for completing it and I made a start on the aptly named Permission to Play online class by Carolyn Dube.  This is an entirely free class and believe me, it's better than many classes I have paid for. The supplies too are very cheap: you just use what you already have. It will result in a journal and I promise to show you the finished article in due course.
Thus far I have only done the first lesson and as you can see the pages are all made out of cardboard. I took to pieces an Amazon box (of which quite a few are arriving at the moment!) and my pages are sized 9 x 6".
For the first layer I used gesso, paints and collage with vintage paper and as well as papers that were gelli plate printed and part of my large stash of such papers hanging around the studio. These are the 3 pages I liked best so far (there are 8 in total in my journal). I'll be starting work on the back of all of them later today.


scarycheri said...

I'm sorry about your greyhound Freida. Pets are so hard to lose. Can't wait to see your quilt finished. Great art on the journal pages. Thank you for sharing the link.

Carolyn Dube said...

So sorry about your greyhound. That is a big thing that can so impact - makes getting the quilt finished an even greater accomplishment. Thanks for joining in with Permission to Play- your journal is full of fun!

Linda Kunsman said...

As my beloved Annie is 14 and showing the signs of her age, also having lost several before her I do understand the feeling of loss and grief and emptiness. Can't wait to see your quilt as I know it will be every bit as marvelous as all the others have been! Fantastic journal pages!


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