Saturday, 16 January 2016

Focus on Everything

The sunrise this morning was stunning. Orange hues played across the sky and I grabbed my camera as well as my spiked boots and captured it in the garden such as above and during the dog walk.
The price to pay for all that beauty was the freezing cold and icy surfaces. Even with my spikes it was very slippery. The colours stayed with us during the walk but by the time we came back to the house they had all gone and the world was white and grey once again.
Still a view like that sets me up for the day and I can add plenty of colour by way of my art journals and quilts.
This is another spread in my huge vintage ledger for the Novel Approach online class by Tammy Garcia. You can start this workshop at any time and work at your own speed. I have discovered that I enjoy working this large although the disadvantage is that the pages take forever to dry.And of course the temperatures at the moment don't help that cause. As this is a class I'm not going to talk about how I made it but I must mention that before I started to paint I added two vintage pages from an old book to the centre of the ledger pages to add some interest to the centre of the pages which were left clear.
 I used index cards as a mask and then added them to the centre of the opposite page using washi tape.
I once more added my word for 2016 to the pages. You have probably realized by now that it is: FOCUS. I also wrote various quotations about focus to some of the colour strips.


peggy gatto said...

Gorgeous photos and thank you for braving the cold to take them. My, it does look freezing!
Love your focus!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

wonderful, Frieda! i am not there yet in the lessons, but will get there in time, that is what is great about work-at-your-own pace. I am enjoying Tammy's Novel Approach very much and love getting peeks at what yOU are doing with it! Gorgeous CoLd photos too. I am imagining you & Reuben walking . . . . glad I got to experience that.


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