Saturday, 27 February 2016

Published in the Financial Times

Today two of my photographs were published in the Financial Times in an article about Craigieburn Gardens. Those who know me might not be too surprised to hear I'm not a regular reader of the Financial Times but I must admit to really liking their weekend edition. So much to read and much of it non-financial. And that pink paper is great for collage.
The photographs they used date back to our visit to Craigieburn Garden back in August 2012 and here is the link to the blog post I wrote at the time.  The gunnera was my blip that day. It's a beautiful place near Moffat and looking back and searching out the pictures for the paper has made me long to revisit. I'll wait till the spring and then I will go back there!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

Many congratulations, Frieda -what fun!!! ❤

Linda Kunsman said...

congratulations Frieda! Your stunning photography deserves being published!

Muriel said...

Justly deserved. Your photography is first class.


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