Thursday, 25 February 2016

The Bravest Moment

The spread I'm showing you today is a combination of two different classes. First of all it has been made for Wanderlust 2016 where we are making a spread in our art journals twice a month inspired by a prompt. For this week that prompt was: the bravest moment of my life. The clue for when that was as far as I am concerned, is the date shown at bottom right. I may not have been aware of my bravery at the time but looking back I am amazed at myself. The spread is done in a Vintage Vanity Art Journal and the size for each page is 5 x 7".
The spread itself was inspired by a class from 21 Secrets Fall 2015 Edition now no longer available but a new class will start in April) and the lesson was by Jes Belkov Gordon. I made a wee mistake as I had watched the videoed lesson some days before making the pages and only remembered I had to use something water soluble for the background (which would then form the circles) and used water soluble oil pastels. It looked great but of course resisted my attempts to put paint on top. I redid the background, this time with the Inktense blocks as per the class and that worked a lot better even though I was still forced to add gesso to my paint to give it a bit more grip.
On the plus side it meant that some of the colour of the background can still be seen in the gessoed/painted areas. Of course I was always going to love a class involving circles and specially one that also reminded me of a bubble quilting pattern.
I added the date and some writing around the circles commemorating my bravest moment!
It's surprising just how often bravery, courage etc. pops up in prompts on various creative groups, not just at the moment but overall. It must mean we all need to keep reminding ourselves! I certainly feel the same way as witnessed by the fact that my word for 2015 was COURAGE.


Terri said...

This is so beautiful Frieda! What a expressive way to share a courageous time of your life.

SheilasEmbroidery said...

I am loving your journal posts, so inspiring. One day I must try the classes you are doing! I have just had a creative weekend following Jennibellie - a Google search will bring up her links. Lots of short classes and she is British! I have also done a lot with Myfanwy Hart on Be Creative. Sorry I am using my iPad and cannot embed the links as you do.


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