Saturday, 13 February 2016

When snow falls, nature listens,

When snow falls, I listen too! It had been the plan to travel deep into the Scottish Borders this afternoon but the weather forecast yesterday already made that seem a bit dubious. Fortunately the decision was made for me as we were greeted by snow first thing this morning and it has been snowing ever since. So travelling didn't seem advisable.

When something like that happens I always feel like I have been given some lovely extra time by the universe and I'm going to use it by playing in my various sketchbooks this afternoon while admiring the white world outside.
The above image taken by zooming in on some bare branches outside while the snow was coming down fast and furious reminded me of a Jason Pollock painting. Could he have been inspired by such imagery?
Snow makes all the shapes outside stand out beautifully such as the above evergreen, almost heart shaped leaves (I'm not sure what it is called, but it spreads like mad!).

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