Wednesday, 2 March 2016


The Documented Life Project 2016 had one more week to go of the February theme: Love without Hesitation - taking the leap, while the art challenge for this week was to: add a tiny photo or magazine picture. Somehow I got a bit confused and also had the Add Circles from Colour Me Positive still in my head so circles it was once again.

The background was done with acrylic paint  ( I used my recently acquired Sennelier Abstracts) and The Crafter's Workshop stencil  TCW491. To this I added the ruffled shapes from papers out of my stash (I think it originally came from the magazine Mollie Makes) and on top of the large ones I added circles cut from my own art, printed by Social Print Studio.

The same place also printed the picture of my work desk (in an unusually tidy state).

I managed to get the leap bit of the theme onto the pages in the shape of a rubber stamp (from a rubber stamp set designed by Lenna Andrews). Other rubber stamps (from Invoke Arts and Donna Downey) were also added to the spread.

The pages were enhanced with some gold mica powder which I just about managed to capture on some of the photographs. Then I glued on the quotation by Maya Angelou: "You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have". 


Lenna Young Andrews said...

I had forgotten that quote by Mason Cooley! I had to go look it up on my original sheets I used to create those stamps . . . a lovely reminder, Frieda. Now I will have to locate my stamp! Love what you did and where you took the prompt...

anna said...

This is so pretty! Love the circles, paired with your magazine clippings and text! Such beautiful textures too.


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