Saturday, 12 March 2016

Listen to Your Inner Voice

Some time ago I started work on one of the lessons from the Fall 2015 21 Secrets series of classes (now no longer available but a new series of classes is coming up soon). It was the class by Robin Kalinich and I worked on it in my large vintage ledger art journal (size of a double spread = 16 x 22"). I had come to a bit of a stop with it when up popped the newest week 11 prompt for Colour Me Positive. It was: Intuition. And the art challenge was: use an animal somewhere on your page.

What I had done so far in my ledger already had several birds and butterflies on it and the words: "Listen to Your Inner Voice" rose up in my mind almost immediately I started thinking about finishing the spread for this week's Colour Me Positive.

This was a wonderful example of synchronicity and the spread came together beautifully after I geared to towards the prompt.
As this was a class I won't give you a lot of info about how I started off but I will say that the birds and butterflies all come from vintage books. I used stencils from Stencilgirl Products in the background as follows: the words come from the Mixed Media stencil (designed by Carolyn Dube) and I also used the Kilim stencil (by Cathy Nichols).

The title was stamped on using a metallic stamp pad. Then for no good reason other than that I happened to come across it while locating that metallic pad I finished off my pages with Special Effect Wax by Liberon, colour Verdigris. I had completely forgotten I had these waxes (and have no idea now how or why I obtained them) but I love the effect they had on these pages. The colour looks wonderful,  the wax has added a lovely smell to the pages and they are now completely smooth and don't stick together. The wax has sealed in the acrylic paint completely so it's fair to say I will be using these again.


peggy gatto said...

Layers, beautiful layers and it happens intuitively!

Linda Kunsman said...

as Peggy says- the layers of colors are just gorgeous!! I love the vintage animal imagery too. Have a great rest of the weekend Frieda!


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