Thursday, 10 March 2016

The Light at the end of the Tunnel

The new theme for March on The Documented Life Project 2016 is: Seeking Treasure - finding value in the small things. For some reason my brain stored that as: tiny treasures. The art challenge for this week was: go splatter crazy.

I started without any preconceptions by making a background with acrylic paints and a stencil. It's very hard to spot the stencil any more but I used Floral 1 stencil by Traci Bautista. I splattered on the pages to my heart's content.

I then started to think about my wrongly remembered prompt of tiny treasures and grabbed the little stickers, printed from my Instagram photographs by Social Print Studio and thought about making a path with them as the cobblestones.

A path has to lead somewhere and I knew I had this small image of the light at the end of the tunnel which seemed a perfect fit. I also found a wanderer for the path. After I stuck on the images (they are self-adhesive) I outlined the path with a black Stabilo All pencil and outlined each one with a white marker.

I wrote a variety of quotations along the side of the path, all to do with that light at the end of the tunnel. Then I went slightly mad and added the tiny little footprints along the path. I must have been a bit delirious already to attempt such madness as shortly afterwards I started to feel quite unwell, thought I would go for a short lie-down and woke up 25 hours later. I have no idea what hit me but presumably I needed that sleep. All back to normal now!
In hindsight perhaps the spread is symbolic for that journey I took through sleep into the light of this new day now. For me the 9th of March 2016 simply vanished into nothingness.

I love the higgledy-piggledy look of the path and also the fact that the little photographs are now safely stored in my art journal to look at in the future. As for all my DLP16 spreads, this one has been done in the 8 x 8" Dylusions art journal.


anna said...

This is fantastic! Tiny photos = tiny treasures! Love it!

Linda Kunsman said...

such a very creative journal spread! Looks like a fun board game and I love that you used your own images for the path:)


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