Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Gallery One view


I'm not often in Gallery One of the Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh (most special shows are in Two) but was there today to see the small Bridget Riley exhibition and revisit some Picasso paintings, as well as work by Braque, Mondriaan and Delauney among others. It was so quiet after MoMA despite the quality of the paintings on display. This gallery deserves more visitors.

Unfortunately I and lots of other traffic, was snarled up with a pretty bad accident on the Edinburgh City Bypass on my way to the gallery which delayed me for more than 45 minutes, and had to reward myself with both tea and cake sitting in the sunny garden of Gallery One's cafe before throwing myself into Edinburgh city centre traffic to go home again! This is the view from Gallery One onto Charles Jencks landscape art


1 comment:

Linda Kunsman said...

gorgeous landscape- the circular land reminds me of a nautilus shell. Nice way to treat yourself for enduring such a lengthy delay:)


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