Saturday, 2 April 2016

In Paradise

Just after breakfast this morning in the Irish pub (our hotel had issues with their breakfast room) we walked up the street and while Jane got some money out I wandered further along 39th Street to see if any of the fabric shops would be open at such an early hour. I could see some light on in the one I really wanted to get into and so tried the door. It didn't open but someone inside the shop was cleaning the floor and saw me and kindly came and opened up early for me. 
This proved to be Neal (hope I am spelling this right) from Daytona Trim (address: 251 W. 39th Street) who let me browse to my heart's content and I indulged liberally. I paid but told him I would return very shortly. I retrieved Jane from Starbucks and together we had another wonderful session in this heavenly shop.
 Sadly there is no website but this is the telephone no. : (212) 354-1713 and if you see anything on these pictures you find irresistible you could phone and ask for it. They do apparently ship all over the world. It's a not to be missed place if you are interested in trims and habedashery and are visiting New York.


Lenna Young Andrews said...


Linda Kunsman said...

Ha! I can see you leving behind some of your clothing to make room for these:):)

Frieda Oxenham said...

The good thing is that they weigh little and take up little space so I could take my clothes back too!


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