Sunday, 3 April 2016

Last day in New York

For our last day in New York we started with a visit to the quilt show by the Brooklyn Quilters Guild held in the Marriott Hotel in Brooklyn.
We were hoping this would mean a trip over the actual Brooklyn Bridge but our driver used the Manhattan one instead. It was just as impressive. 

After some more retail therapy (I managed to find the most gorgeous hand sewing threads!) it was back to the hotel with some last glimpses of New York on the way.

Hampton Inn Hotel

After our return Jane and I took our very last walk around New York making our way to the large Barnes & Noble book store on 5th Avenue taking in our last sight of the city. We managed to eat another typical New York food too and had a pizza slice each.

We never managed to get onto the Empire State Building but we saw a lot of it over the days.
And a last glance at the Chrysler Building.
After returning to our hotel for the final time the bus took us to Newark Airport to fly back home overnight.
 That gave us the last opportunity to capture those fantastic reflections.
It was a truly unforgettable visit!!!

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peggy gatto said...

Have fun at the quilt show!!!!!


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