Tuesday, 5 April 2016

New York Treasure Trove

Here is just some of the treasure trove acquired in New York, although the real treasure trove will be all the impressions, visits and imagery stored both in my head and on my phone. I almost exceeded my iCloud storage space and had to upgrade it while away and now I'm sending them all off to be printed. Yes, I still love actual pictures and I have plans to transfer it all into a sort of scrapbook album about my trip.

I stayed up last night till the proper time to go to bed (which meant being up and awake for almost 48 hours) and feel remarkably well this morning despite the time changes. Everything is unpacked, I'm up to date with my Inbox and I'm sending photos from my phone to Snapfish as I'm writing this post. All my purchases are unpacked and on my workdesk as you can see, and they just had to be my blog and blip today.

I did buy other things too but these are the fabric, haberdashery, beads, buttons, threads, ribbons and trim purchases, and notice those glorious fabric flowers (from M & S Schmalberg) specially. I hope to write more about my trip in the coming days and hopefully will also have time to fill in the precious posts from NY. There simply wasn't time to write as we literally filled every second with activities and walking. Lots of walking!!!! I have blisters in place where I didn't even know you could have them!

The next step will be to tidy (or rather squirrel) it all away for future use.


Linda Kunsman said...

Oh what a glorious stash you have acquired Frieda!! So glad you had such a memorable trip. Looking forward to seeing more photos and hearing more about it!

Muriel said...

Have managed, at last, to catch up with your New York trip. What a great selection of photos in the various posts, all giving a lovely detailed account of your experiences and activities. A pleasure to read!

Pink Bicycle Girl said...

Your purchases look so interesting. You have had a fantastic few days


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