Saturday, 21 May 2016

2000 Blips

Today I will be posting my 2000th blip on the Blipfoto site. I have blipped every day without interruption since November 2010 and although I keep thinking I should give it a rest I seem to be addicted. I never have trouble finding a picture to suit the day. Very often it's something to do with my art as, truth be told, that's what I do most days but there is also the garden, the beautiful Borders landscape, Edinburgh, musea and much, much more.
 I do have trouble with the commenting as it takes up much valuable time which I would rather use to make more art but the stars and hearts on the site allow me to show my appreciation for the photographs of fellow blippers. I'm just going to continue as I have done,  specially as I've become a share holder in the company.
You can't go wrong with tulips and that's why a tulip steals the 2000th blip show. 

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