Wednesday, 4 May 2016

A Rainbow of Chaos

We had reached the end of April last Saturday, and this is the final spread for the April theme of Reaching for Rainbows on The Documented Life Project 2016, which is just as well as I was rapidly reaching the end of my rainbow quotations and images. Our art challenge for this week was to use a colour you don't normally reach for. 

In my case that is brown but I couldn't just have a brown spread so I added dark violet as well as gold and turquoise to the mix. I'm working in the 8 x 8" square Dylusions art journal and after gessoing the pages I made the background using those colours as well as the large stencils from the July 2014 and April 2016 Stencilgirl Club. I had already found the quotation I wanted to use and made sure the background looked just a tad chaotic. I added rubber stamping using the EEA01 stamp designed by Everything-Art and produced by PaperArtsy in the shape of the black circles which were put on top of the circular bit of stencilling in white

I added the figure because he toned in so well with the pages and looked suitably confused. He was cut from an old art book. He originates from Luca Signorelli's painting Sermons and Deeds from the AntiChrist (1499-1504).

The rainbow came from this year's Flow Magazine calendar and I made it a bit brighter with watercolour pens. Once on the page the white stood out too much so I antiqued it using gold embossing paste and I also added that on other bits of the pages. Copper sparkles were dropped on top.

The quotation I found came from Paul Cezanne, and it reads: "We live in a rainbow of chaos".  It is as true for the times we live in as it was in his day.

The final touch was the French  postage stamp, chosen both for its nationality and the colours.

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