Friday, 13 May 2016

Back to the Shed

This year I'm very late moving to the painting shed from the house, because of the weather conditions. And even now after a wonderfully sunny few days frost has yet again been forecast for the coming nights. But that is barely a ground frost so my paints should be safe in the shed.
This migration between house and shed and vice versa happens twice a year and it's always quite an undertaking. I sometimes think  my art supplies multiply all by themselves and it's a bit of a puzzle to fit them in to all the storage space I have in the shed. It also means a huge clean-up in the room where they were and a throwing out of all the bits and pieces that I found on the ground and table. In fact the table was barely visible when I started the big move. And no doubt it will be the same with these tables by the time I move it all back in the autumn.
At the moment however I'm enjoying how organized it all looks, specially all my spray inks and paints on this lovely little display case.


Beth in IL said...

Love how the paints look. Have fun in your shed.

Linda Kunsman said...

It's looking pretty good and organized to me:) Although I don't know that I'd enjoy moving so much back and forth it IS a good way to take stock of what you have, and I do agree about things multiplying:):)


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