Wednesday, 15 June 2016

A New Beginning

The June theme for The Documented Life Project 2016 remains: Unravelling the Past - embracing new beginnings. Our art challenge was to doodle a flower or ten.

Somehow this spread never came to life fully for me. I started making the background using the large stencil from the March 2016 Stencilgirl Club. To that I added flowers from the Deconstructed Double Zinnia stencil as well as the Nonsensical Bloom one.

I added the leaves by stamping using an Art Foamie that came as a gift with my rather large Art Foamie order. Really like these for stamping using acrylic paints.

At this stage I added the quotation: "Every end is a new beginning". 

More was needed and I grabbed the "And so the Adventure begins" rubber stamp as well as the circular rings one (both from EEA01 stamp set designed by Everything-Art for PaperArtsy.

After that I started outlining (doodling) everything. The spread then hang around the studio for some days but whatever I thought of adding, it didn't seem right. Finally I cut some circles out of my flower photographs, added those to the centre of the large blooms, and outlined those and the leaves with water soluble oil pastels. I am still not totally convinced by these pages and more might be added but at the moment I'm calling it done.


Gerrie Johnnic said...

I love these pages! Very inspiring.

anna said...

I think it's luscious fun and gorgeous!


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