Tuesday, 7 June 2016

June Journal Quilt

It's definitely not the weather for tartan and tweed but it is time to share my June journal quilt with you and it is made entirely of such materials. The challenge was set by the Contemporary Quilt Group and they set the size at 10 x 8". The other requirement was to add a small 1/2" square in a specified colour. For this month it was green. I set myself the challenge to use tartan and tweed (some from Lochcarron Woollen Mill and to do them in a folksy style. It proved harder than I had imagined to make them deliberately wonky!
The patterns are simple and I have used raw edge applique by hand stitching to add them to the background so these journal quilts are completely hand stitched (apart from the binding).
For me the most fun is added just the right vintage buttons and beads as embellishments at the end.


Linda Kunsman said...

I love all those fabulous textures!

SheilasEmbroidery said...

These are an amazing series of mini quilts, full of colour and excentricity. I disagree with you Frieda about June not being the month for tweeds. I don't wear them myself but the cold and damp weather over the last few days - it is now June 13th as I read your blog - the weather is wet, drizzle, grey and almost back to early spring. So I can see the advantage of wearing tweed which is made out of wool and can be warm when we are cold. I think, however I have the impression that it can be scratchy and as I can't wear scratchy wool next to my skin I don't wear it. I can appreciate the designs used to make it and I have watched weavers make new and interesting designs on their looms. Now we have less scratchy yarns available. There are, I am sure, tweeds that are warm and comfortable next to the skin. Thank you Frieda for helping me look at tweed in a different light.


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