Saturday, 16 July 2016

Colourful Fingerprints

I'm catching up with the first July prompt on Wanderlust 2016 just in time as the next one will be posted later today. The problem with waiting so long before I have time to blog about a spread is that I tend to forget what I did to arrive at the final result.

The prompt was: My Fingerprint and I started work in my small Vintage Vanity Art Journal (each page is 5 x 7") by collaging on some papers (now hardly visible any more) and stamping with a textured stamp. It has a sort of hashtag pattern and the flower you can see on the right hand page comes from the same stamp (which has 4 sides). I have had it for years and recently rediscovered it. I can't find any marking about brand etc.

The pages were painted using mainly my fingers and a daisy was stamped on in various places. I used an art foamie called Ring TicTac (designed by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer) to add another layer of interest to the pages.  Some tissue wrap was glued on too. Then I added my actual fingerprints, using both blue paint and a black stamping pad.

Pink ink was dripped down the pages and small white stripes were added using S376 Hash Marks by Stencilgirl. 

I found some very suitable quotes that I loved. The first one was written on the left hand page. It says: "Writing is the indelible fingerprint of my soul on paper", and the other one, printed out on the computer, reads: "Leave colourful fingerprints of your life".  They led me to add the word WRITE on the left hand side, using the medium sized stencil from the November 2015 Stencilgirl Club.

/As ever I had a great time selecting just the right postage stamp for this spread and you can see it bottom right. I feel like I'm doing my best work in this small art journal at the moment and I must concentrate on trying to replicate this in my larger journals.

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Linda Kunsman said...

this is a very soothing journal spread and again Frieda you have chosen your words and imagery to tell the story perfectly.


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