Saturday, 20 August 2016

Believe in Beauty

The last July prompt (we get two prompts per month) for Wanderlust 2016 was: I believe in..... The word Believe is one that I tend to avoid but there are a few things I definitely believe in, such as beauty, freedom and serenity. I believe in the latter despite not often achieving it.

As you can tell I'm once again playing catch up with my art on this blog. I am quite surprised I'm managing to keep up with the art itself as lots of things are going on here such as new roofs, outside walls being re-harlinged, as well as an elderly and poorly dog. Despite it all, or just maybe because of it all, art continues to be made. It's my refuge and my pleasure.
 I'm working in the small Vintage Vanity art journal (by Prima) which I now like so much that I must order another one! What a turn around from the beginning and that is one of the reasons why I love doing these sort of classes. New things are being introduced and at first there is weariness, then acceptance and finally delight. I think I have made some of my best art journal spreads in this small (each page is 5 x 7") sketchbook. I'm now working on those pages in the journal that are pre-patterned although it's hard to see as most of it has been gessoed over.
I used a lot of Tim Holtz's Tissue Wrap with text on it (another supply I'm mad about!) as well as stencilling on words (from L316 Rembrandt's Words by Stencilgirl)
 I added collage with pieces of scrapbook paper (featuring roses) and also stencilling with sequin waste.
Rubber stamping from the new set (EEA03) produced by Everything Art (the organizers of the Wanderlust classes) was added to add texture and I also used the words from the same set, stamped them onto vintage paper, antiqued the edges with a stamp pad and glued them on. I added the word BELIEVE and a Greek postage stamp as shown.

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