Thursday, 8 September 2016

Minimini 14

It's a very dark, wet and dismal day which came as a bit of a shock to the system after yesterday's bright and sunny one. Definitely not a day for outdoor photography as I didn't want to expose either my camera or my latest minimini quilt to the elements. So an indoor picture was in order to show you the scale of this tiny quilt (sized 6" or 15 cm square).
These small pieces are being made in the spaces in between larger work so progress is of necessity slow but eventually I'm aiming for 100. I have been asked if all the backgrounds will be white and the answer is probably not but they will all be very light. Using different colours in the background means I can repeat some designs as they will look different on a different colour. Eventually all will be appliquéd onto a large background and form a new large quilt. 
I'm using the same techniques on all of them: machine quilting, raw edge appliqué with hand stitching and beading.

Confusingly I'm working on another project called #100days#100blocks about which I will tell you a bit sometime soon but in that case I'm piecing a simple block (unquilted) although I'm doing that in exactly 100 days (I hope!). If you're interested you can follow it on my Instagram feed @friedaquilter


Muriel said...

Those 100 miniquilts will look stunning when stitched to their background. Looking forward to learning more about your 100 days project!

Linda Kunsman said...

another really gorgeous addition to your series! No, I would NOT expect you to stick with just the white-I don't think you could if you had to:):)


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