Thursday, 22 September 2016

One Person Accountable

The theme of Roll Call - being accountable is continuing on The Documented Life Project 2016 while our art challenge told us to use mark-making in black and white over colour. I managed to find yet another saying about our theme that says: "There is only one person who can be held accountable for the results we get in life". 
 I went looking for a suitable image to be my focal point and was originally going to use the figure as a mask but when I cut her out (from a fashion magazine) and put her on the page for size I decided that I wanted her as she was as she toned in rather well with the vintage paper I had collaged on previously.
 Techniques used: collage, rubber stamping and stencilling, as well as that mark - making with black and white markers over colour.
 Tools used: rubber stamp (from Impress Me Now, so pleased to have re-discovered their stamps that were hidden somewhere in my painting shed!) and stencilling. I went a bit mad with the stencils on this spread and here are the Stencilgirl Products stencils I used: L402 Verdant Moon in the background, S264 Doodle It Tornado Flowers, S376 Hash Marks, S306 Text and Texture Explore and finally the smallest stencil from the October 2014 Stencilgirl Club

1 comment:

Muriel said...

Love the black and white over the lime green and pink. The saying is so true.


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