Friday, 16 September 2016

The Future is Now

Our first prompt for September on Wanderlust 2016 was: This time next year I will be...... And the answer is as far as I am concerned a mystery. I have no idea nor do I have a plan. Setting goals and making plans for the long term has never been my thing. A to-do list is as much as I can cope with. That's not to say I never set such goals in the past. It's simply that over the years I have found out that life gets in the way of the long term planning process. And that can cause a lot of frustration and that too gets in the way. I'm aiming nowadays to avoid such depressing vicious circles. I'm trying as much as I can to live in the present and try to remember that even the next minute is the future.
 I found a quotation by Edward Counsel that I wrote on the right hand page of this spread. It reads: "If we would unfold the future the present would be our greatest care". I interpret that to mean that what we do today, determines our tomorrow.
 I'm working in the small Vintage Vanity art journal (by Prima) for all my Wanderlust spreads this year and I'm already curious to find out what journal will be utilized for Wanderlust 2007. You can sign up for next year here
Techniques used: collage (with vintage music and stencilled deli paper), rubber stamping and stencilling.

Tools used: acrylic paints, rubber stamps (from the Marks cling stamp set by Nathalie Kalbach, and from the Karnatha Stamp sheet KAR202 Linear Texture by Craftynotions), stencils all by Stencilgirl Products: the large stencil from November 2014 (on the deli paper), S270 Picasso's Words, and L304 Shattered Stencil. I also used Tim Holtz's Melange tissue wrap and a postage stamp as well a letter set to stamp on the letters. A sparkling pen was used to fill in the letters and add lines.


peggy gatto said...

I always love seeing the elements and of course your colors!!

Linda Kunsman said...

your journal pages always contain such thoughtful expression. Beautiful!


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