Thursday, 13 October 2016

Let's Doodle

If you are very observant you may have noticed that I didn't do a Documented Life Project 2016 spread last week. I simply didn't have it in me at that time and in a way it was good to give myself permission to let it me. I should do that more often! The new October theme didn't help either. It is: A Fresh Start - clear your palette. Our art challenge this week is: start with a doodle.
I have no idea why I didn't start doodling in my art journal straight away but instead I grabbed the nearest piece of paper from my bin (it had some typing on it already) and doodled a mandala-like shape on that. That meant I had to cut it out to apply it to my page but it also meant I could photocopy it first and use it again on the opposite side.  The palette was cleared by using metallic paints in the background as well as on the art foamie I used.  The quotation as seen below was also about making a start.
 Techniques: painting, stamping, collage, doodling.
Tools: art foamie (I used Ring Hopscotch designed by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer), rubber stamp of small circles (from a sheet from ImpressMeNow), gel pens

1 comment:

Kate Fern said...

Lovely pages, your mandala colours are so vibrant !


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