Friday, 28 October 2016

Terra et Aqua

It is a bit of a mad house here at the moment because I'm moving from my painting shed in the garden into a room in the house. We have had some night frosts already and paints don't like to freeze. In fact it ruins them so it's a good idea to keep them warm. It's always quite an operation that makes me realise how much "stuff" I have, and this year is made even more complicated because we are working on the two old cottage rooms in our house, taking down stud walls, drying out the rooms and insulating them, and finally putting the walls back up and decorating. Fortunately we are doing it one room at a time so I am in the other room. Chaos doesn't quite cover it!
I'm also packing a quilt to send away next week and these are two details of it. Once it returns I will try and remember to show the entire piece which is small. (less than 24").  It is richly textured with yarn and is also beaded extensively. It's called Terra et Aqua (earth and water).


Linda Kunsman said...

I just want to wrap myself in this-gorgeous colors and title!

Muriel said...

Gorgeous colour and lovely rich texture.


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