Tuesday, 29 November 2016


One of the elements of Wanderlust 2016 was making a collage. Over the year we were given a series of guidelines (22 in total) all to be executed onto one piece of mixed media paper (I used size 11 x 14.5"). We had no idea where we were going and most of the prompts were to be done in no more than 5 minutes.
We are now nearing the end point but were asked to take photographs of our project at this stage for guildeline no. 22. This is my finished version and I'm rather pleased with it. I haven't read any further yet but I have the feeling we will be asked to cover it all up (I have been doing this art stuff for a long time now so am prepared for such eventualities!). However, I might show my rebellious side and resist. I am on the whole not good at following orders, always questioning whatever anyone tells me, and this will be another shining example of my stubborn side.
 I have already done one thing different by glueing on the word MEMORY. It was one of the words I had cut out following one of the guidelines and I strongly felt it needed to be there on the page.
 As this was part of a class I won't give you detailed info about materials and techniques used but the text stamp is one of my favourites, produced by Anna Griffin. It features vintage French text.
Although it is now way too late to sign up for Wanderlust 2016, you can already book Wanderlust 2017 at a great prize, specially if you're in The States. The pound - dollar exchange rate makes it a very good option. I am game again and specially because I loved this collage challenge as well as the bi-monthly Wanderlust Book spreads.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

love reading more here after coming from blipfoto and seeing more details of your collage. I can relate very well to not liking to do what I am ordered to!! So you keep that word & listen to your heart :) I appreciate you talking again about Wanderlust & giving the link as I have not signed up yet but I think I want to. Must go review it once more now that it is december! xo

Linda Kunsman said...

what a fabulous journal spread-and it all comes together splendidly!! Love the striking images on the right along with the bold 'memories' word and then the subtle heart and script in the background-well done!


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