Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Peggy's Pool Autumn Walk

 We recently went out to the local pub, the Allan Ramsay, in Carlops,  named after the Scottish poet best know for his work The Gentle Shepherd. Inside the pub is an area with Allan Ramsay related objects and there is also a leaflet about him in which some local walks are featured, showing off the local environment that inspired his work. As it was such a beautifully sunny day we decided to do the walk to Peggy's Pond. The autumn colour of the trees was amazing and we also found some fungi. All this is very close to where we live and we had been to Peggy's Pond before but that was during the summer.
 Seeing the woods and the pond with all the browns and gold was stunning.
Some of the paths were pretty good while others were still quite muddy despite the fact that we have hardly had any rain recently. I suppose in the dampness of the woods it takes a long time to dry out. Quite a bit of climbing is involved too, definitely not for the faint hearted. Strong foot wear was advised in the leaflet and they weren't joking!
The directions could have been a bit clearer at times but in the end we did manage to find our way and eventually ended up back in Carlops

Peggy's Pond


Jewels said...

I think it was worth the hike Frieda! Love this time of year :)

Frieda Oxenham said...

Thanks so much, Jewels. The colours are spectacular this year.

Jakki said...

Frieda, your photos make my heart joyful. Thank you!


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