Saturday, 26 November 2016

Playing in the Garden

Today the garden was far less frozen so it was a good time to take Flora out and about and introduce her to her domain where she can play and run to her heart's content without being able to escape. There is a whole acre for her to enjoy and she did! She is much more lively than when she arrived, totally exhausted, last Sunday and she has learned much already.
She is very quick on the uptake and  is loving the leaves and running after me. At first she couldn't keep up but she is already outrunning me! Amazing how fast those little legs can move.

No excuses for featuring her. She is the star of the show here and many more pictures will no doubt feature on this blog as I want to capture every minute of her progress.


Linda Kunsman said...

I love your sweet shining star-what a lucky girl she is!

Misha said...

she is beautiful...

Muriel said...

She is adorable, those little legs are so cute!


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