Thursday, 24 November 2016


To everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving, I  wish you a wonderful day. And even though it's not a British concept I still have much to be thankful for today. I have been sharing my life with the most wonderful man for 34 years, I live in a beautiful place, I have finished the #100days#100blocks project today (I will be writing more about this in the future but if you follow my Instagram feed you will be familiar with it already).
 It's a glorious day too, although freezing cold. Winter has arrived.
And we have our already very beloved little girl Flora who is not at all sure about the weather conditions. I must admit to being woefully ignorant about Romanian weather conditions but Flora was not impressed with the cold ground. She is very keen however not to lose sight of us so pottered around the garden (rewarded for her advance with little biscuits) and was getting more familiar with her surroundings. I think she has come across chickens before and left them to it (they weren't quite so calm) but I suspect she has never been walked on a lead so we will go and practice that on occasions when the weather is a bit kinder. Anyway the garden is large enough to exercise those little legs.


peggy gatto said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Muriel said...

Congratulations on completing your 100 blocks, what a great achievement. Flora looks adorable and very much at home, even with her cold little feet! :)


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