Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Flora is coming out of her shell

Slowly but surely Flora is starting to emerge from a frightened and panic stricken shell. The traumatized little girl that arrived just over a fortnight ago has started to look around, explore our garden and chase some birds. She is beginning to get to grips with wearing a harness even though going for a walk in the big world outside our gate is going to take a lot of patience and loving care. But within the garden she is exploring every nook and cranny. She also knows that in that pink bag are her little treats handed out every time she comes or does her business (she has had no accidents in the house since the first day she arrived!)
I can't put into words how proud I am of her. She is not a pup but an adult dog who has endured who knows what terrors and pain. Despite that she has started to trust us and is enjoying her many hugs and cuddles. She also loves being groomed with a very soft brush. Thanks to her Arden Grange dog food and the occasional sardine in oil, her coat is getting ever softer (she also smells of my Opium perfume because of those hugs) and her scratching is lessening by the day.
I'm telling you now, that you will see lots of her here and I'm not going to apologize for that. I want to document her long journey to normal dog dom. I am longing for the day we do our first dog walk along the railway line but I'm prepared to spend as long as it takes getting her there. At the moment her fear of the outside world is too great and after a few tentative steps, helped by many biscuits, she lets me know she's had enough.
What a joy it is, though, to see those eyes getting brighter every day.


peggy gatto said...

She is a sturdy little dog!!! What a sweet face. We have a rescue, Simon. 10 years and what a joy!!!

mycamerandme365 said...

What a sensible and empathetic outlook you have with the rehabilitation of Flora.
Our Polly was a rescue dog too, who was not even house trained at 2 years of age.
It probably took all of a year to train her properly and now, at 8, she is the most wonderful dog.

Misha said...

beautiful for her to have you

Jewels said...

She's so beautiful Frieda and really blossoming with all your love. This time next year she will be an entirely different brave soul :)

Linda Kunsman said...

I surely can feel all the love here and because of it Flora is flourishing. It does the heart good doesn't it? Looking forward to watching her continue to blossom. Hugs-and a treat from me to Flora from afar!


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