Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Flora's 1 month anniversary

It's exactly one month ago since we collected our darling Flora from a service station on the M74 where the Barking Mad Dog Rescue charity had brought her all the way from Romania. In that time she has completely conquered our hearts and has become the centre point of the household. She has settled in beautifully, has received some visitors and has paid a visit herself to our friends where she behaved so well.
For the first few weeks we thought she didn't bark at all but she has since found her voice and a very loud one it was too! A courier appeared suddenly outside my studio window and all of a sudden there was this tiny roaring lion defending the premises. I shouldn't have laughed (very uneducational) but it was just too funny: the courier completely surprised and looking at the level of a big dog and then his gaze falling lower and lower till finally he spotted our little heroine.
The outward dog walk remains challenging for her as she is still a frightened little girl at times but the walk back is a pure pleasure. She stays by my side and trots off home very happily.


Linda Kunsman said...

all I can say is-I want to reach through my screen and give her a big hug!

Miss Iowa said...

She's beautiful and I love how one ear is up and the other ear flops down. Adorable!


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