Saturday, 10 December 2016

Fun with Flora

Flora has made our garden her domain. She is marking her territory and knows the best spots to chase birds. She is remarkable fast on those little legs. Just as well I have been trained by a greyhound in the past. It's such fun to race around the garden with her and although I should have been at two different places this morning, in the end I could not tear myself away from my little girl.
It appears that only one of Flora's ears can stand up but oh what a cute look that achieves. We are also making slow progress with our "walking on a lead" training. Yesterday we made it approx. 300 meters along the old railway track, at the cost of one chicken breast (giving her little bits every time she walked forwards) and about 40 minutes. It appears that it is fear that is holding her back not being attached to a lead because once we turned around and went in the direction of home, no encouragement was needed any more to make her move. She went as fast as her legs allowed and I had to run to keep up. That too will have to be trained out of her eventually but it was impressive none the less.
Because of her size she is able to get right into the flower beds, something none of our previous dogs could do as they were simply too large. She tones in rather too well and at times it's hard to spot her until she emerges triumphantly from in among it all.


Jewels said...

Slowly but surely Frieda :)

Linda Kunsman said...

what a sweetie-and I love the one ear up, one ear down! She's coming along beautifully with your guidance and love.


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