Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Live Inspired

 Another project that I'm going to try and incorporate in my learning process consists of a series of classes posted every other Wednesday, called Inspiration Wednesday, organized by Donna Downey. She shows a video with a project that you can take in any direction you want. I like the freedom this gives you and again, I'm going to do it when I fancy it and if not, I'll simply miss that week. In any case you have access to the class video forever so can always go back. I subscribed in 2016 too but only towards the middle of the year so I will try and view those videos when the mood strikes me.

Donna herself works in a fabric covered journal and she has these for sale in her shop. I could easily have made my own one but sometimes it's so lovely to just buy what you like and get going straight away!
You will have to buy the class to get the full instructions on how to make the pages. I will just mention that the stencil I used for the molding paste background came from an unknown source, while the text stencil is from Donna Downey herself.  The rubber stamp in the background is by ImpressMeNow
I like the fact that there is a mix of different sized pages in the journal and the smaller pages are incorporated in the bi-weekly spreads. I incorporated my word for 2017 (UNWIND) on one of them.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

I love what you've done and to see you concentrate on your word of unwind (with art!) gives me, as the viewer great pleasure! :)

peggy gatto said...

Delicious color and texture!

Linda Kunsman said...

beautiful pages Frieda. That looks like a great journal book. And I think you have a perfect approach to tackling the videos and art- in your own time.


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